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"Huh? Where am I?” Evie woke up with a start. The last thing she remember had been being forced into a car, and then some cloth was shoved across her face, and then… she stopped. She quickly realized how bad her situation was. She was strapped to a table, her wrists tied in the corner, forcing her to make a pitchfork shape, while her bare nylon covered feet were in what appeared to be padded straps.

“Comfortable?” Asked a voice. Evie looked up to see a woman wearing a black dress walking towards her. Before she could demand to be released, the woman raised a hand, silencing her.

“My name is Meela Nais, I am the resurrected form of Anck-Su-Namun. You have caused problems for my love in the past, so now we have plans for you. But first, I want to humiliate you, to be begged to leave you alone. You see, one thing that being resurrected carried was an intimate knowledge in an Ancient Egyptian form of torture that my previous form was quite skilled in. Translated, it means ‘tickle torture’”.

Evie’s heart stopped. She was horribly ticklish, and knew she couldn’t stand it while mobile, much less immobile, especially by, as this woman claimed to be, a skilled tickler. Nonetheless, she put on some bravado.

“Go ahead, is that the best you have in mind? Make me beg you stop something so childish.” She scoffed.

“We’ll see how you hold up” Meela replied as she walked around to Evie’s head, putting a blindfold across it, revealing that it increased sensation. Then, she started.

Evie had of course been bluffing, but had at the very least expected her to start of light, hopefully allowing her some resistance. Instead, she went right for the kill, kneading her ribs, and making Evie, who had no idea where she would strike, burst out laughing.

“Wow, you lasted all of 2 seconds. Bravo. Now let’s see how long before you beg” Meela said, as she began to move her fingers between her ribs like she was playing a piano, while Evie struggled in vain. She switched over to kneading, making Evie’s laughter increase, prompting her to continue for a few minutes.

However, she soon decided to give her exposed armpits a run for their money, and moved her hands up, wiggling her fingers in them. Their sensitivity became apparent when she began screaming with laughter. Her smooth hollows were very sensitive, and proved to be quite fun to tickle, even more so when Meela switched to scratching, making tears pour down Evie’s face.

“Wow, you sure are ticklish, aren’t you? And your smooth hollows are so fun to tickle? Now let’s see if you can’t laugh harder for me. I noticed you’re wearing Nylons. I’ll bet those will make it easier to tickle you, won’t they? Especially combined with my technique.”

With that, she moved over to her feet, scratching the smooth material of her nylons. Her nails easily slid over it, making tickling them easier and sending poor Evie to pure hell. Her feet were horrible ticklish, and now, not being able to pull them away, and being covered in the smooth material, she was completely at her captors mercy, or lack thereof. She soon found herself begging, but didn’t get the response she desired.

“Oh, see, was that so hard?” She said as she began tickling her toes, prompting Evie to ask through her laughter “I did what you wanted, please stop”.

“Oh, I did want you to beg, but that’s not the point of this, the point is teaching you that you should let the inevitable be. Besides, I haven’t reached the best part yet.”

With that, unseen to the blindfolded Evie, she took out two large black feathers.

“Egyptian vultures (only Egyptian bird I could think of) are interesting creatures. For some, the thought of them circling above is worth then death itself, for to be defeated is worse than defeat. Well, we shall find out whether the effect vultures have on you is worse than death"

With that, she proceeded to dig the shafts into her soles, as the softer part would do little against the nylons. The way she did it, however, had a great effect. Great for her, not Evie, who began laughing her loudest yet. The shafts were much like her nails, only even more effective, and still sliding effortlessly over her horribly ticklish feet. She soon moved up to her ticklish toes, dropping one feather to make her job easier. She held back her toes with her free hand, and dug the feather right underneath with her other, making Evie jerk so hard she almost dislocated her arms, and laugh so hard she almost burst Meela’s eardrums. She got an equally good reaction on her other foot.

Then, she stopped, picked up the second feather, straddled Evie’s waist, and began to feather her armpits. While it was clear from her laughter it didn’t tickle as much, it was also clear it still tickled like hell. Up and down the soft feathers moved, while Evie tried harder than ever to free her arms, still in vain. Meela, however, was not getting a strong enough reaction for her taste, so she flipped the feathers around in her hand, and lightly stroked the shafts across her armpits. Despite the fact that it was barely touching, Evie screamed louder than ever, as her cruel captor tickled her without mercy, digging slightly harder to make her laugh even louder.

Then, after what seemed to Evie to be an eternity, she finally stopped. But it was not to grant mercy. On the contrary, it was to unleash the worst part of the torture yet. She walked over to her feet, and sat down on her knees. She then used the most effective tool at her disposal./ And she did not use it to lick, did not use it to suck. She nibbled. She leaned over, placed Evie’s nylon covered toes in her mouth, and began to gently nibble them, as if it was fine food she was savouring. And indeed she was. One thing she had acquired form Anck-Su-Namun, aside from her torturing ability, was her fetishes. A tickling fetish, and a slight foot one. And with each light, gentle nibble, she got a light, gently reaction, as Evie lapsed into silent laughter, and lay thee, too tickled to struggle or laugh, as each bite drained away her energy. She kept nibbling, stopping only to switch feet, going from toe to toe, or fitting her whole foot in her mouth. Then, Finally, Evie passed out.

“Rest while you can, because soon you will rest for all eternity”
Came up this idea while rewatching the trilogy on DVD. The position was inspired by The Mummy, where she was bound in the described position at the end, and the ‘ler was inspired when I came to the inclusion she was freaking hot, with the setting inspired by the fact she was wearing nylons at that part of the movie. I toyed with the idea of having her being tickled with Melee taking control of one of her visions, but decided that would be branching too far onto my own unique plot path. While watching it again to ensure I got the plot bits right, I came up with an idea during the fight between Meela and Evie, which had them using dulled Sai’s to prod each other in the ribs and stomach as a tickle fight, but couldn’t think of any good way to write it out (I was planning to include it as a bonus bit after the story).
oneortheother Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2009
Welcome new guy!
Good to see another fellow writer of such a calibur (if you know what I mean).
Your writings have great level of detail and are very well written.

Also the finale to this tale was quite a nice touch!
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